getRecordedStreams(appInst:String) : Object



Returns an array containing the names of all the recorded streams currently playing from a particular instance of an application.


Flash Media Server 2.0.



A String indicating the name of the application or instance of the application, in the form application_name[/instance_name].


A String indicating the user name of the administrator.


A String indicating the password of the administrator.



If the call succeeds, the server sends a reply information object with a level property of status, a code property of NetConnection.Call.Success, and a data property that is an array of all the recorded stream names. The extended name of a recorded stream is used. The name is encoded with keyName*type:streamName, where keyName is the virtual key, type is the stream type (for example: flv, mp3, and so on), and streamName is the text name of the stream.

The properties are defined in the following table:




String; name of the recorded stream.


String; type of the recorded stream.


String; virtual key of this recorded stream.


If the call succeeds, it returns XML with the following structure:

 <result>   <level></level>   <code></code>   <timestamp></timestamp>   <data></data>  </result>

Nested in the data element are elements for each property of the data object listed in the RTMP/E section.

If the call fails, it returns XML with the following structure:

 <result>   <level></level>   <code></code>   <description></description>   <timestamp></timestamp>  </result>

The XML elements contain the same information as the Object properties returned in an RTMP/E call.

Note: The timestamp response over HTTP is formatted differently on Windows (9/23/2007 6:16:40 PM) and Linux (Sun 23 Sep 2007 06:16:40 PM IST).

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