Adobe Media Server provides Administration API for you to create tools to monitor and administer the server.


In previous versions of Adobe Media Server, the Administration API was called the Server Management API.

You can call Administration API methods from client-side Adobe® ActionScript® 1.0, ActionScript 2.0, or ActionScript 3.0. To call methods over RTMP or RTMPE, call the client-side method and pass it the Administration API method, a response object, and any additional parameters.

To call methods over HTTP, add permissions to the Users.xml configuration file and build an HTTP request. To prevent unwanted access, Adobe Media Administration Server is available only over port 1111 by default. The Administration Server cannot be accessed securely (RTMPS). As a result, Adobe recommends that you block all external access to port 1111 so that access to the Administration Server is restricted to clients that are inside your firewall.

Entries are listed alphabetically. Where the document refers to RTMP/E, it means RTMP or RTMPE.

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