Changes to configuration filesfrom 4.5 to 5.0.1

When upgrading from version 4.5 of Flash Media Server to version 5.0.1 of Adobe Media Server, be aware of changes to the XML configuration files.

The changes are primarily related to the introduction of Closed captioning support in Adobe Media Server 5.0.1.

Server.xml changes

Application.xml changes

  • See Closed captioning Live case - Configuring Application.xml (HDS and RTMP)

  • Protected RTMP (introduced in 4.5.1) change:<!-- Protected RTMP parameters. Change 'enabled' tag to "true" to enable Pro tected RTMP for VOD --> <ProtectedRTMP enabled="false"> <!-- DRM Metadate update interval (minutes) --> <!-- This would renew the playback expiration time stamp and SWF verification white list --> <UpdateInterval>60</UpdateInterval> <SWFVerification enabled="false"> <!-- By default, the whitelist folder is set to the application folder. --> <!-- If a relative path is specified, it will be relative to the application folder. --> <WhiteListFolder></WhiteListFolder> </SWFVerification> </ProtectedRTMP>

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