Managing the server on Linux

Use the amsmgr utility to perform basic management tasks for Adobe Media Server running on Linux systems, such as starting and stopping the server and services. You must be a root user to use the amsmgr utility.

For tasks not listed in the following table, such as adding users or checking the status of applications, use the Administration Console. A root user must use the amsmgr utility to start the Adobe Media Administration Server before anyone can use the Administration Console. You do not need to be a root user to use the Administration Console.


Running multiple Adobe Media Server services concurrently is not supported.


amsmgr server <service_name> <cmd>

For commands that use the <service_name> parameter, if you do not specify <service_name>, the command is performed on the name of the server you selected during installation. The server name is ams by default. If <service_name> does not exist, the command fails.

The amsmgr utility supports the following commands:



amsmgr adminserver start|stop|restart

Starts, stops, or restarts Adobe Media Administration Server.

amsmgr server <service_name> start|stop|restart

Starts, stops, or restarts a Adobe Media Server service.

amsmgr clearautostart

Sets the Adobe Media Administration service to start manually.

amsmgr list

Lists all the services installed, including Administration services, with additional information about services that are currently running.

amsmgr remove

Removes the Adobe Media Server service from the amsmgr tables. If you remove a server service, the corresponding Administration service is also removed.

Warning: Use this command only if you want to uninstall the server service; you still need to manually remove the installed files.

amsmgr add <service_name> <install_dir>

Add an Adobe Media Server service to the amsmgr tables. If <service_name> already appears in the amsmgr tables, the old entry is updated with the new one. The <install_dir> parameter is the absolute directory path where you installed Adobe Media Server.

amsmgr setadmin <service_name> 

Changes the default Administration service.

The Administration service name is the same as the Adobe Media Server service name. Any installed Administration service can be used to administer one or more servers. Only one Administration service can be running at a time.

amsmgr getadmin

Gets the name of the default Administration service.

amsmgr setautostart<service_name>

Sets the Adobe Media Server service to start automatically when the system is started.

amsmgr clearautostart <service_name>

Removes the named service from the set of services to start automatically when the system is started.

amsmgr suggestname

Suggests a service name that does not already appear in the amsmgr tables.

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