Authenticate users

Authenticate using an external resource

For a limited audience, it is feasible to request credentials (login and password) and challenge them using an external resource, such as a database, LDAP server, or other access-granting service.

  1. The SWF supplies the user credentials in the connection request.

    The client provides a token or username/password using client-side ActionScript:

     var sUsername = "someUsername"; 
     var sPassword = "somePassword"; 
     nc.connect("rtmp://server/secure1/", sUsername, sPassword);
  2. Adobe Media Server validates the credentials against a third-party system.

    You can use the following classes to make calls from Server-Side ActionScript to external sources: WebService, LoadVars, XML classes, NetServices (connects to a Flash Remoting gateway). For more information about Flash Remoting, see

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