You can use any edition of the server, including the free developer edition, to develop and test applications. To write client-side code, use Flash Professional, Flash Builder, or the Flex SDK. To write server-side code, you can use any text editor or IDE, including Flash Professional and Flash Builder.

You can write client-side code and server-side code on the same computer running Adobe Media Server, or you can write it on a remote computer. To test the application, copy the server-side code to Adobe Media Server.

If you have an account with a Adobe Media Server solution partner, the partner tells you how to configure your development environment to use their resources.

Set up a development environment:

  1. Run the Adobe Media Server installer to install the server.

  2. Verify that the server is installed successfully.

  3. Do one of the following:

  4. To capture and encode live video, do the following:

    1. Connect a camera and a microphone to the computer.

    2. Download and install Adobe Media Live Encoder from

      note: Adobe Media Live Encoder captures audio and video, encodes it, and sends it to Adobe Media Server. You can also build custom applications that capture and encode audio and video.