Supported clients, encoders, codecs,and file formats

Supported clients and servers for streaming services

Streaming services are pre-built Adobe Media Server applications. Use streaming services to stream media to Flash, AIR, and Apple (iOS and QuickTime) clients. The services are installed to rootinstall/applications/servicename.

The following table lists the streaming services and their earliest supported server versions, server editions, and client runtimes:

Streaming type

Service name

Server version

Server edition(earliest supported)

Client runtime (earliest supported)

On-demand streaming over RTMP.

See Stream on-demand media (RTMP).




Flash Player 6


On-demand streaming over HTTP.

See Stream on-demand media (HTTP).




Flash Player 10.1


iOS 3.0

QuickTime X

Live streaming over RTMP.

See Stream live media (RTMP)




Flash Player 6


Live streaming over HTTP.

See Stream live media (HTTP).



4—Adobe Media Server Extended, Adobe Media Server Professional


4—Flash Player 10.1, AIR 2

4.5—Flash Player 10.1, AIR 2, iOS 3.0, QuickTime X

Multicast streaming over RTMFP.

See Multicast media over RTMFP.



Adobe Media Server Professional supports IP Multicast

Adobe Media Server Extended supports IP Multicast, Application-level Multicast, and Multicast Fusion. Multicast Fusion technology combines IP and Application-level Multicast.

The server editions have changed with server version 5. Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server is Adobe Media Server 5 Standard. Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server is Adobe Media Server 5 Professional. Adobe Flash Media Enterprise Server is Adobe Media Server 5 Extended. Adobe Flash Media Development Server is Adobe Media Server 5 Starter.

Flash Player 10.1



On Adobe Media Server 5 Standard, you cannot modify the server-side code in the streaming services. In all other editions of the server, you can modify the code.

Supported file formats and codecs

Adobe Flash Platform

For a complete list of supported file formats and codecs, see Supported file formats and codecs.

Live HTTP Dynamic Streaming supports the H.264, VP6, MP3, and AAC codecs.

For on-demand HTTP Dynamic Streaming, the just-in-time packager supports F4V/MP4 files. This document explains how to use the just-in-time packager. To package FLV files for HTTP Dynamic Streaming, use the offline File Packager tool. See File Packager reference.

In addition, see the following Flash Platform articles:

[adobebyline]Smart phone and tablet video encoding recommendations for Flash Player and AIR by Adobe encoding evangelist, Maxim Levkov, and Adobe Product Manager, Tom Nguyen.[/adobebyline]
[adobebyline]Video encoding and transcoding recommendations for HTTP Dynamic Streaming on the Flash Platform by Adobe encoding evangelist, Maxim Levkov.[/adobebyline]
[adobebyline]For a longer list of articles about encoding, see the Video Encoding page on Adobe Developer Connection.[/adobebyline]

Apple HTTP Live Streaming

Adobe Media Server support for Apple HTTP Live Streaming includes H.264 and AAC/HE-AAC for audio-video content and AAC/HE-AAC for audio-only content.

For more information, see Apple HTTP Live Streaming Overview - FAQ.

For recommended encoding settings, see Best Practices for Creating and Deploying HTTP Live Streaming Media for the iPhone and iPad and Recommended Encoding Settings for HTTP Live Streaming Media.

Supported encoders

Use the following encoders to publish a live stream to Adobe Media Server:


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