Adobe Media Server server-side APIs

Use Server-Side ActionScript to write server-side code for an Adobe® Media Server application. You can use Server-Side ActionScript to control login procedures, control events, communicate with other servers, allow and disallow users access to various server-side application resources, and let users update and share information.

Server-Side ActionScript is Adobe’s name for JavaScript 1.5. Adobe Media Server has an embedded Java-Script engine that compiles and executes server-side scripts. This Server-Side ActionScript Language Reference documents the Adobe Media Server host environment classes and functions. You can also use core Java-Script classes, functions, statements, and operators. For more information, see the Mozilla JavaScript documentation at

Server-Side ActionScript is similar, but not identical, to ActionScript 1.0. Both languages are based on ECMAScript (ECMA-262) edition 3 language specification. Server-Side ActionScript runs in the Mozilla SpiderMonkey engine embedded in Adobe Media Server. ActionScript 1.0 runs in AVM1 (ActionScript Virtual Machine 1) in Adobe® Flash® Player. SpiderMonkey implemented the ECMAScript specification exactly and Flash Player AVM1 did not. The biggest difference between Server-Side ActionScript and ActionScript 1.0 is that Server-Side ActionScript is case-sensitive.

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