Introduction to Adobe Media Server


Adobe Media Server is a real-time media server that delivers adaptive bit rate video on demand (VOD) and live video to Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash Lite, Apple iOS, and Mac OS.

Adobe Media Server also delivers streaming music, video blogging, video messaging, multimedia chat environments, real-time datacasting, and multiuser gaming. Adobe Media Server delivers content Applications and media run consistently across platforms and browsers.

There are five editions of Adobe Media Server:

  • Adobe Media Server on Amazon Web Services (See the documentation at
  • Adobe Media Server Standard
  • Adobe Media Server Professional
  • Adobe Media Server Extended
  • Adobe Media Server Starter

For a feature comparison of server editions, see


AMS 5.0.7 is available on AWS with two types of virtualization: ParaVirtual (PV) or Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM). To know the difference between these offerings, see Amazon's help article Linux AMI Virtualization Types.


Adobe Media Gateway is discontinued as a part of Adobe Media Server, since AMS version 5.0.7. Adobe Media Gateway is not a supported product now.

System requirements

For the most up-to-date system requirements, see

Release notes

The release notes of the various release are available at

What's New

To know what is new in each release of Adobe Media Server, see this What's New.

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