Cinema 4D layer is black


After you place a Cinema 4D file on a layer, the layer is black.


Enable TCP communication through firewall or related software. In the settings for your firewall software, allow connections to be made to and from the following applications:


  • AfterFX.exe
  • CineRender 64bit.exe
  • Adobe QT32 Server.exe
  • dynamiclinkmanager.exe
  • PProHeadless.exe

Mac OS

  • Adobe After Effects 13.0
  • CineRender
  • Adobe QT32 Server
  • dynamiclinkmanager
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Note: Process names on Mac OS differ with version numbers.

For instructions for enabling connections, see the documentation for your firewall software.

Adobe After Effects CS5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 use TCP to communicate with the QuickTime server (Adobe QT32 Server), Dynamic Link Manager, and Cinema 4D. Some firewall software (such as ZoneAlarm) blocks this communication, mistaking it for a security threat. The communication between these components is limited to the local computer, which is enough for most firewall software to recognize the communication as safe. Some firewall software, however, requires that connections to these components are explicitly allowed.

If communication between these components fails, there can be various errors, including the blank screen described in this document.

While clearing the way for proper communication between After Effects and Cinema 4D, it's best to allow full communication between all components of the Creative Cloud. 

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