Packages required to run Adobe AIR 2.6 for Linux

Required libraries

The following table lists the libraries that are required for Adobe AIR 2.6 for Linux to run on Fedora Core 13, Ubuntu 10.10, and OpenSuSe 11.3:

Required libraries***  

Note: libkwallet and libkdecore are only required on KDE desktops

Additional system requirements

RPM-based distributions require additional libraries:

  • librpm
  • librpmbuild
  • librpmio

PDF support

PDF support requires a compatible version (8.1.3+) of Adobe Reader.

Required binaries

Both RPM and Debian-based Linux distributions require the following binaries:

  • bzip2

Debian-based distributions only require the following binaries:

  • ar
  • tar
  • gzip


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