This page is a repository of all the past and upcoming events driven by the Experience League Communities.

Community Meet-ups


Upcoming Meet-ups

Date Solution Location Community Thread
26 Apr 19 Analytics Cloud Gurugram, India Link

Past Meet-ups

Date Solution Location Community Thread
08 Mar 2019 Adobe Campaign Gurugram, India Link
07 Dec 2018 Experience Cloud Adobe Office, Noida, India Link
26 Oct 18 Advertising Cloud Gurugram, India Link
6 July 18 AEM Adobe Office -Noida, India Link
18 May 18 Analytics Adobe Office -Noida, India Link
20 Feb 18 Target HanaHaus - Palo Alto, CA Link
9 Feb 18 Campaign Adobe Systems - Noida, India Link
6 Oct 17 Campaign Hard Rock Café - Gurugram, India Link
9 Sept 17 Experience Manager Cyberhub - Gurugram, India Link
4 Aug 17 Analytics
Cyberhub - Gurugram, India Link

Community Webinars


Upcoming ATCE sessions

Date Solution Subject Registration Link
30 Apr 19 Advertising Cloud Search Investigative Tools Link
18 Apr 19 Advertising Cloud Pre-Launch Portfolio Checks Link
16 Apr 19 Advertising Cloud Spreadsheet Feed Setup from Start to Finish Link
10 Apr 19 Advertising Cloud Simulations & Spend Recommendations Link

Past ATCE sessions

Date Solution Subject Community Thread
19 Mar 19 AEM Unit Testing with AEM Mocks Link
14 Mar 19 Audience Manager Best Practices of 1st Party Data Onboarding Link
26 Feb 19 AEM Best practice to query JCR data using QueryBuilder API Link
19 Feb 19 Audience Manager Audience Creation Strategy Link
29 Jan 19 AEM Working with Single Page Apps Link
5 Dec 18 Advertising Cloud Pre-Launch Portfolio Checks

27 Nov 18 AEM Enterprise Search Solution for AEM using Apache Solr Link
22 Nov 18 Advertising Cloud Holidays & Seasonality Link
31 Oct 18 Audience Manager Improving Campaign efficacy with Audience Lab Link
30 Oct 18 AEM Creating a site structure to support your global business Link
25 Sept 18 AEM Developing AEM component using Vue.js Link
25 Sept 18 Audience Manager Adobe Audience Manager's role in Digital Marketing Ecosystem Link
12 Sept 18 Advertising Cloud Tips to Optimize Your Search Campaigns Link
28 Aug 18 AEM Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe Sensei Link
31 July 18 Audience Manager Profile Identification with Profile Merge Rule Link
25 July 18 Advertising Cloud Emerging Age of Programmatic Audio: Driving Reach & Measurement Link
24 July 18 AEM Explore AEM Assets and Tags by their APIs Link
26 June 18 AEM AEM and Creative Cloud - What, Why and How !! Link
21 June 18 Core Services How Auditor Helps you Improve Adobe Implementations Link
28 June 18 Advertising Cloud Understanding Model Accuracy & its Implications Link
30 May 18 Advertising Cloud Creating SpreadSheet Feeds & Portfolio Dashboard Link
29 May 18 AEM Adobe Experience Manager and Audience Manager Integration Link
8 May 18 Audience Manager AAM & Experience League Link
25 Apr 18 Advertising Cloud New Ad Cloud Search UI - Making Life Easier For You Link
24 Apr 18 AEM Easy Access to Critical Information: Content Reports in AEM Link
10 Apr 18 Core Services Analytics User Migration to the Adobe Admin Console  
27 Mar 18 AEM AEM Content as a Service: What, Why, and How? Link
1 Mar 18 Core Services Launch, by Adobe - Demo Link
27 Feb 18 Advertising Cloud Advertising Insights - Quick Analysis in Less Effort Link
27 Feb 18 AEM Deep Dive into Working with AEM Workflows and Workflow APIs Link
30 Jan 18 AEM Using Multi-site Management with Adobe Experience Manager Link
16 Jan 18 Advertising Cloud Learn how Build/Manage Snap Ads via the Ad Cloud in a Snap! Link

Twitter Chats

Join us on Twitter for a chat about various topics and questions. Follow @AdobeExpCare for details.

Date Solution Subject Community Thread
7th Mar 19 Advertising Cloud Emergence of OTT in Advertising Space Link
17 Oct 18 Advertising Cloud Live Chat with Keith Eadie, VP & GM, Advertising Cloud Link
13 Sept 18 Advertising Cloud Emerging role of cross-channel advertising as an effective marketing strategy Link
16 Aug 18 Advertising Cloud Optimizing Customer Experience in Digital Advertising  Link
18 Jul 18 Advertising Cloud Emerging role of Video in todays advertising landscape Link
20 Jun 18 Advertising Cloud How marketers Can leverage Technology for online Advertising Link

Other Adobe Events

Adobe Summit

Save $400 with Early Bird pricing. Register by December 15 and pay just $1,495 for a full conference pass. 

Customer Care Office Hours

Be sure to not miss the Customer Care Office Hours sessions. You can find more information for these sessions here.

Date Subject Community Thread
10 Jan 19 Integrating Adobe Target with Adobe I/O (API) Link
07 Feb 19 Introduction to Recommendations Link

Partner Webinars

Date Subject Community Thread
12 Feb 19 Adobe Martech Meetup Link
10 Dec 18 Emotions Win – What Customers Expect in the Age of AI

Partner Events

Date Subject Community Thread
14 Feb 19 Technical Implementation Workshop Link
16 Jan 19 Technical Implementation Workshop Link

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