Customer cannot remove users from VIP Admin Console


  • VIP Admin Console that has been created for all VIP customers
  • No entitlement on admin console, displaying expiry date and list of users (this can also be users that do not exist in the organisation any more)

Question Detail

I have an additional Admin Console that contains some of my VIP license users. This is not where I used to manage my CCT licenses. Also, there does not seem to be an option to add products or remove users.
Can Adobe delete these users for me as we have now moved to an ETLA and have a separate ETLA Admin Console?


It is not possible to remove users from these VIP Admin Consoles without product entitlement.
We can however delete the Admin Console to avoid confusion. This way you would only have access to your new ETLA Admin Console where you can manage your ETLA licenses. 
To request this change, please open a support ticket via your Admin Console.


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