Creative Cloud Packager and the package creation function of the Adobe Admin Console allow administrators to modify the permissions end-users have for updating and installing software, as well as providing a means to redirect end-user systems to an Adobe Update Server hosted in-house. Will those settings be altered when installing a new package on an end-user system if the settings in the new package differ from those previously applied? 


Yes, when a new package is deployed, the files serviceconfig.xml and AdobeUpdater.Overrides are overwritten by the files provided in the new package. If no AdobeUpdater.Overrides file is included in the new package, any copies of this file on the target system are removed. 

Note: If a copy of Remote Update Manager (RUM) is already present on the target system, it is not removed if excluded from the new package. 

Additional information

More details of the settings stored in the serviceconfig.xml and how they can be altered when creating an installation package can be found at Customize the Creative Cloud Desktop app

More information on the role of the AdobeUpdater.Overrides file in pointing an end-user system to a custom Adobe Update Server can be found at Use Adobe Update Server Setup Tool.

More information about Remote Update Manager is available at Use Adobe Remote Update Manager.

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