When you start an Adobe application for the first time, the application begins the activation process and then displays thefollowing error message, "There is not enough disk space to start your application"


This is most likely a permissions issue.


Do one of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Set the Windows clock to current date and time, restart the computer, then activate your application

To access the system clock:

  1. Double-click the clock icon to the far right of the Windows taskbar or
  2. Open the Date and Time control panel under Start>Settings> Control Panel

Solution 2: Add "Everyone" user to the Security settings of the DAT and FF1 file in the Product licenses folder.

  1. Navigate to Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems\Product licenses.
  2. Right-click the Product licenses folder and select Properties. Click the Security tab and make sure that the "Everyone" user has full access to the FF1 and Dat files in the folder. If there isn't an "Everyone" user listed, then click Add and add this user.

Additional Information

In order to activate your application you must have read/write access to the DAT and FF1 files located in the Product Licenses folder on your hard drive. If you have less than Administrative level access to your system, then you might need to have an administrator grant you access to those files.

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