When you try to import an audio file that contains copy protection (for example, a song purchased from the Apple iTunes Store) into an Adobe product, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Adobe Flash, one of the following error messages is returned:

  • The file cannot be opened because it is under rights management.
  • Cannot load the specified file. It may be protected, unsupported or corrupted.
  • File format not supported. One of the necessary components may not have been installed.
  • One or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them.
  • The selected file cannot be played because your system does not have the required compressor/decompressor (codec) installed.
  • Unable to add the audio file. The selected file cannot be played because your system does not have the required compressor/decompressor or the codec is not installed.
  • The software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system. Installing the correct decoders for the files you are working with may help to correct the problem.
  • AEGP Plugin AAF: Error occurred while creating project. (5027::12)
  • AEGP Plugin WindowsMedia Import: Error reading Windows Media file. WMImport error: 0x3 (5027::12)


The error occurs because the file contains copy protection, digital rights management, or another mechanism that prevents it from being used outside of designated applications or devices. This means that the copyright holder and/or its licensees have applied technical protection to limit the use of the content to certain devices and/or software. To use this content in an Adobe product, you will need to obtain a copy of such content from the copyright holder or their licensee, who are able to provide the content without such copy protection.


If you used Windows Media Player to import audio from a CD to a copy-protected WMA file, you may be able to change the settings in Windows Media Player to rip without using copy protection. For more information, see the documentation for Windows Media Player at the Microsoft web site.

If you obtained the file from a service or store that implements a digital rights management mechanism (such as the iTunes Store or the MSN Music Store), contact the original copyright holder or their licensee to obtain a copy of the content that is not protected.

Additional Information

When an Adobe product imports a file that is protected by a digital rights management mechanism, it may return an error message that doesn't reflect the true cause of the problem, such as "your system does not have the required codec" or "the file is unsupported or corrupted". This is because the some of the data in the file is encrypted as a part of the copy-protection mechanism, and the Adobe product may not be designed to recognize the specific encryption markers in use. In some cases, the Adobe product may import the file without an error, but it will return an error or otherwise fail when you try to play the content.

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