Error: "Installation cannot continue until... Adobe Bridge is closed" | CS5


When you run Adobe Update Manager, install the Camera Raw plug-in, or reinstall a Creative Suite application such as Photoshop CS5, the following error appears:

"Installation cannot continue until the following applications are closed: Adobe Bridge."


Solution 1: Exit Adobe Bridge manually. 

In Windows, right-click the Bridge CS5 or CS4 icon in the Notification Area of the Start Bar in Windows, and choose Exit Bridge. If you still cannot close Bridge, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. In Task Manager, choose Bridge and select End Task.

In Mac OS, Ctrl-click the Bridge CS5 or CS4 icon in the dock and choose Quit.

Solution 2: Force Adobe Bridge to quit.

In Windows, right-click the Start Bar and choose Task Manager. Select the Processes tab, and choose to end the Bridge.exe process.

In Mac OS, choose Apple menu > Force Quit, and choose to close Adobe Bridge.

Note: Solutions 1 and 2 allow Adobe Bridge to continue to start at login.

Solution 3: Disable the option to start Adobe Bridge at login.

  1. In Bridge CS5 or CS4, choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Adobe BridgeCS5 or CS4 > Preferences (Mac OS).
  2. Choose Advanced.
  3. Deselect Start Bridge At Login.

You can reenable this option at any time. 

Additional information

This error occurs when Adobe Bridge is configured to start at login, so it is running in the background when you install your application or plug-in.

Restarting the system doesn't solve this problem unless you perform Solution 3 first. For more information, see the Bridge Help topic Start Adobe Bridge automatically.




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