System components can conflict with the Adobe Creative Suite installer and result in an incomplete or failed installation. System components can include a numerous hardware and software devices such as DVD-ROMs, device drivers, and virus protection utilities. To prevent these conflicts, install Adobe Creative Suite from the desktop.

Create a desktop installation point from your DVD or electronic software download (ESD) media. After you have created the desktop installation point, install the Adobe Creative Suite 3. The instructions below will guild you through the process of creating a desktop installation point and then installing the Adobe Creative Suite 3.

Create a desktop installation point

  1. Control-click on your Desktop and choose New Folder.
  2. Name the folder CS3.
  3. Insert the Adobe Creative Suite 3.0 disc into the DVD-Rom drive, or download a the disk image file for Adobe Creative Suite 3.

  4. If you downloaded a disk image, double click on the disk image to create a virtual disk on your desktop.

    The default names for the ESD disk images are:

    Suite Download
    Design Premium DesignPremCS3_Mac_WEB_UE.dmg
    Design Standard DesignStanCS3_Mac_WEB_UE.dmg
    Web Premium WebPremCS3_Mac_WEB_UE.dmg
    Web Standard WebStanCS3_Mac_WEB_UE.dmg

  5. Double click on the Creative Suite 3 disk on your desktop.
  6. Select all of the files and folders.
  7. Drag the files and folders to the CS3 folder you created.
  8. Double click on the CS3 folder.
  9. Double click the Setup icon.
  10. Follow the installation instructions.

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