Please consult the Director manuals, search Adobe's site for keywords, and scan the Director TechNotes before posting questions to the online forum. If you are new to using newsgroups, please read Using newsgroups. For more general information about the forums, please refer to the Macromedia online forums FAQ.

Macromedia Online Forums

  • Director.basics - For novice users of the professional multimedia authoring tool, Macromedia Director. This group is limited to discussions of installation, troubleshooting, and general usage. [News://]
  • Director.lingo - For intermediate and advanced Director users to discuss Lingo scripting and usage. [News://]
  • Director.multiuser - For intermediate and advanced Director users to discuss usage of the Director 7 Multiuser Server and Xtra. [News://]
  • Director.3D - For all users implementing 3D in Director.
  • - Information about Macromedia products that does not pertain to the other online forums. Such topics might include non-technical questions, press releases, and other Macromedia news. [News://]
  • Job.opportunities - Open group for users to post consulting opportunities and offer services related to Macromedia products. [news://

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