Adobe Extension Builder 2.1 Release Notes

This Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the information you need to develop Adobe application extensions using Adobe Extension Builder 2.1.You may use this SDK only in a manner consistent with the license agreement. Other notices, terms andconditions pertaining to third-party software can be found at

What’s new

These key new features are available in Adobe Extension Builder 2.1:

  • Creative Cloud™ extension development: This version allows you to develop extensions for Creative Cloud applications as well as for Creative Suite® 6 applications. The CSAW and Host Adapter libraries, as well as the Communications Toolkit, have been upgraded to support the latest CC versions of all products.
  • All-in-one installer: This release simplifies the installation process. The stand-alone installer includes a licensed copy of Adobe Flash® Builder® 4.6 along with the Adobe Extension Builder 2.1 plug-in.

Development environment

  • Supported operating systems
    • Microsoft® Windows® 7
    • Mac OS® X v10.7 or higher
  • Supported development environment
    • Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 or 4.6 (included)


Adobe Extension Builder 2.1 is provided as a plug-in to Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, with a stand-alone installer. Licensed copies of both components are part of the distribution.

  • If you do not have a copy of Flash Builder installed, the installer installs both Flash Builder and the plug-in.
  • If Flash Builder 4.5 or 4.6 is already installed, the installer installs the plug-in in the existing version. 
  • If Flash Builder 4.7 is already installed, the installer installs Flash Builder 4.6, and installs the plug-in in that version.

Accessing Adobe Extension Builder


Once it has been installed, you can access the Adobe Extension Builder start page from the Flash Builder development environment.

When you close the default Welcome screen and switch into Adobe Extension Builder perspective (Window > Perspective > Other > Adobe Extension Builder).

In this perspective, Adobe Extension Builder appears in the contents side bar, next to the Adobe Extension Builder start page. The start page contains links to the documentation and samples, and other useful resources. To launch the start page at any time, choose Help >Adobe Extension Builder Start Page.

SDK Documentation


The documentation set includes a Getting Started Guide, Programmers Guide and API References. From the start page, click the links to documentation. To launch the documentation directly from the application menu, choose Help > Help Contents > Adobe Extension Builder.

  • For instructions on how to set up a development environment, see the Getting Started Guide.
  • For more detailed information about developing Adobe extensions, see the Programmer’s Guide.
  • For complete syntax details of all classes and functions, see the API References.

Known Issues

The following known issues may affect the development. Workarounds are described if applicable. Please check this list of issues before reporting bugs through the user forum.

  • ISSUE: Cannot uninstall Flash Builder after installing the Adobe Extension Builder plug-in (#3520636)
    • WORKAROUND: Uninstall the plug-in before uninstalling Flash Builder.
  • ISSUE: Cannot launch an extension if the file name includes Unicode characters. (#3544503)
    • WORKAROUND: Do not use Unicode characters in extension file names.
  • ISSUE: Extension Builder fails to launch Windows 7 with the error “Please create a file named ‘debug’...”. (#3540114)
    • WORKAROUND: Log in to Windows 7 as Administrator before launching Extension Builder.
  • ISSUE: An extension fails to launch when using the Debug > Run command. (#3540127)
    • WORKAROUND: This occurs only the first time you try it after installing Extension Builder. Use the command again.
  • ISSUE: The “Show All Versions” checkbox in the last screen of the New Project Wizard is disabled. If you select specific versions of libraries to show, all versions are shown anyway. (#3537684)
    • WORKAROUND: Select “Show All Versions” on the screen where the libraries are displayed, then deselect it again to limit the display to the 2.0 versions.


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