Known issues | Add-on not installed

Add-on, extension, or plug-in doesn't appear in Windows > Extension menu

If you experience installation issues with Adobe Add-ons, you can download and use the Extension Manager Command Line tool (ExManCmd).

To learn more about using the Extension Manager Command Line tool, see Working from the command line.

Solution: Install Adobe Add-on using Extension Manager Command Line tool

  1. Click the link below for your platform to download the Extension Manager Command Line tool. Then unzip it to a new folder named ExMan_root.

  2. Using the Creative Cloud desktop application, install or uninstall any Adobe application to refresh the list of installed Adobe applications in the Extension Manager database.

  3. Go to, and locate the Adobe Add-on that has installation issues.

  4. Click Install Issues? (on the right).

  5. On the “Where to find it” tab, click Download using Extension Manager (at the bottom of the page).

  6. On the download page, click the Download button.

  7. When the Adobe Add-on .ZXP package has finished downloading, copy it to ExMan_root.

  8. Close any open Adobe applications that are compatible with the Adobe Add-on. (See the list of compatible applications in the Add-on description on the Adobe Add-ons site.)

  9. Open a command shell (Windows Command Prompt or Mac OS Terminal). Then, go to the ExMan_root folder and run this command for your Adobe Add-on, substituting myaddon.zxp with the name of the .ZXP file you downloaded.


     ExManCmd.exe /install myaddon.zxp

    Mac OS

     ./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd – -install myaddon.zxp

  10. To verify the installation, use the following command:


     ExManCmd.exe /list all

    Mac OS

      ./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd – -list all

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