This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and information on fixes and improvements not covered in the Extension Manager CS6 documentation. For an overview of the installation requirements and features introduced in Extension Manager CS6, see the Release Notes at

Fixes and Improvement

This update fixes the following issue:

Users cannot log on to Exchange panel because of license check failure.



To solve the log in issue, please follow the instruction below:

  • Launch Adobe Application Manager And update one of Adobe Creative Suite CS6 product.
    • Double-click the Adobe Application Manager link on your Desktop.
    • You can also Launch Adobe Application Manager with:
    • Windows: Choose Start > All Programs > Adobe Application Manager.
    • Mac OS: Double-click Hard Drive > Application > Adobe Application Manager.
  • Update Extension Manager 6.0.6 through AAM
  • If you only update Adobe Creative Suite CS6 product without applying Extension Manager 6.0.6 update, you can't log in on Exchange panel.
  • If you apply the Extension Manager 6.0.6 patch without updating any of the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 product, you will have log on problem as well.
  • Please do remember to  update both one of the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 products and Extension Manager 6.0.6 patch.
  • Or you can also download and install the Extension Manager 6.0.6 full installer binary at after you update one of the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 products.