How to Create a Dashed Line

A dashed line can be created in Fireworks by editing a brush stroke.

To create dashed lines do the following:

1 Choose the line tool from the Toolbox and draw a line. (The pen tool can also be used.)
2 Choose the Stroke panel. Then select the Random brush from the Stroke category and Dots from the Stroke name category.
3 Choose Edit Stroke... from the Options pop-up to display the Edit Stroke panel.
4 In the Options tab of the Edit Stroke dialog, make the following settings: (Leave all other settings at 0% or None.)

Ink Amount to 100%

Spacing to 300%

Uncheck Build-up

Tips to 1


Choose the Shape tab of the Edit Stroke dialog and change Size to 10 (other sizes can be experimented with in the Stroke panel). Leave the other settings set to default.

Note:Changing the Aspect in the shape pop-up menu changes the thickness of the dashes.

6 Choose the Sensitivity tab of the Edit Stroke dialog. Choose Size in the Brush Property pop-up and set every numerical field to zero. Repeat the process with all of the following Brush Properties:


Ink Amount





7 The results should look similar to this:

Choose Save Stroke As... from the Options pop-up and save the brush as dashed line.

Note:Saving the brush only saves it for use within the current document.

9 To reuse the saved brush in another document, Select the Stroke step in the History panel and click on the icon of a floppy disk.
10 The Save Command dialog will appear. Name the command appropriately and click the OK button.
11 Whenever you need a dashed line, just draw your line and then choose the name you saved your dashed line command as under the Commands menu.

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