Preparing Fireworks graphics to be used for print

Artwork created in Fireworks can be repurposed for print materials. Images that will be used exclusively on the Web only require a resolution of 72 pixels/inch. Web graphics will be displayed on a computer monitor and file size should be kept as small as possible, so a lower resolution is desirable. When graphics will be output to a printer, it is important to set a higher resolution, so that the file delivers a better quality printed image.

Determining the best resolution settings

Calculating the image resolution that should be set when printing a graphic is simple. The image resolution should be twice the printer's line screen. For example, if the graphic will be printed on a 65lpi laser printer, set the resolution to 130 pixels/inch. In most situations, the target printer would not exceed a line screen value of 150, therefore 300 pixels/inch is a common setting.

To change the image resolution of a graphic, do the following:


Make sure the Fireworks software has been updated to version 2.0.2 or upgraded to version 3.
To download the free 2.02 installer, go to:


Open the image file. Choose Modify > Document > Image Size. In the Image Size dialog box, check the boxes next to Constrain Proportions and Resample Image.

3 Type the desired number in the Resolution field. The pixels/inch should be twice the number of the target printer's line screen. If the printer's line screen is not known, the setting of 300 pixels/inch will give the best quality output for most high end printers.
4 To find out more information about a specific printer' s line screen, consult the printer's documentation or the manufacturer's Web site. For information on output to imagesetters and other high end print devices, contact a service bureau representative.