How to update AIR SDK for Adobe Flash Builder 4.7

Note: These instructions are for ActionScript projects. For Flex projects, see Overlay AIR SDK on Flex SDK | Flash Builder.

If you want Flash Builder to use a different version of the AIR SDK for ActionScript projects, overlay the preinstalled AIR SDK version with the version that you want to use.

The instructions below reference how to overlay the 3.4 version of the AIR SDK with the latest available AIR SDK version. The instructions, however, are general. You can follow these instructions to overlay any version of the AIR SDK in Flash Builder.

Prerequisites for updating the AIR SDK in Flash Builder

  • Download Adobe AIR SDK & Compiler from the download page and save it to the local system.
    Alternatively, download the appropriate AIR SDK & Compiler for your operating system from AIR SDK versions document.

  • Exit Flash Builder before following the steps to update the AIR SDK.

Steps to update the AIR SDK in Flash Builder

  1. (Optional) Backup the AIR SDK by copying the entire directory.

    In Flash Builder, for example, copy the AIRSDK directory at:

    • Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722
    • Mac OS: /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722
  2. After taking a backup of the AIR SDK, delete all the content in the AIRSDK folder.

  3. Extract the contents of the downloaded AIR SDK zip/dmg file into the now empty AIRSDK folder.

    • Windows: Right-click the ZIP file and select Extract All, or use a decompression tool of your choice.
    • Mac OS: In Terminal, run these commands:
      • hdiutil attach AIRSDK_Compiler.dmg
      • cp -rf /Volumes/AIR\ SDK/* /path-to-empty-AIRSDK-directory

    Note: If you have trouble overwriting files on Mac OS due to file permissions, try these commands:

    • sudo hdiutil attach AIRSDK_Compiler.dmg
    • sudo cp -rf /Volumes/AIR\ SDK/* /path-to-empty-AIRSDK-directory
  4. (Applicable only for AIR versions earlier than 3.6) Copy the contents from the aot folder (AIRSDK_back_up\lib\aot) of the AIR SDK backup to the aot folder of the newly created AIR SDK (AIRSDK\lib\aot).

  5. After updating the SDK, update the AIR namespace in the project's application descriptor to the correct version.

    For example: <application xmlns=""> to <application xmlns="">


See AIR Release Notes for the latest updates.

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