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When you download a trial for Adobe Flash and first launch the trial, you are asked to select which version you want to try: Adobe Flash Basic or Adobe Flash Professional.

If you decide at any point during your 7-day trial that you want to try the version other than the one you selected, you do not need to download a new trial.

Switching between versions:

You can switch to another version from within Adobe Flash. After launching Adobe Flash, choose Help > Try Adobe Flash Professional 8 or Help > Try Adobe Flash Basic 8. In the dialog box that appears, you can confirm your switch, or cancel.

Clicking OK causes the program to shut down and then restart, giving you again the options to activate or continue the trial.

You can change from one program to another as often as you like during the 7-day trial period.

What if I buy Adobe Flash Basic and want to try Adobe Flash Professional?

If you have purchased Adobe Flash Basic, do not download a new trial. You can try Flash Professional using options within your current copy. Launch your copy of Flash Basic, and choose Help > Upgrade to Adobe Flash Professional. Select the trial option from the menu, and you will receive instructions on how to obtain a 7-day license to try Adobe Flash Professional.

When the 7-day period has ended, your program automatically reverts to Adobe Flash Basic, unless you purchase an upgrade license.

Activating the trial to a full version

When you purchase either Adobe Flash Basic or Adobe Flash Professional, you can activate from a trial to full version by selecting the Activate option on startup. You can activate Adobe Flash Basic if you are running a trial of Adobe Flash Professional; You can also activate Adobe Flash Professional if you are running a trial of Adobe Flash Basic. The correct version activates according to the serial number you enter.

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