Rounding to specific decimal places in Flash

Using Flash'sMathobject, you can round to the nearest whole number using theMath.roundcommand. You may, however, prefer to round to different decimal places. This TechNote offers a technique for rounding to a specified decimal place.

Rounding to the hundredth decimal

Rounding to the nearest decimal simply involves inserting code in the Actions panel, as follows:


Open your movie in Flash.


Select a Frame or an Instance.


Choose Windows > Panels > Actions.


Add this ActionScript in your Actions Panel to round to the hundredth decimal place, replacing yourNumber with the value you would like to round:

value= int((yourNumber)*100)/100;

How the code works

The number used in the example below is 20 divided by 7, which equates to 2.857142857142857.

value= int((20/7)*100)/100;

int(20/7)returns the value of 2 by removing the decimal places off the number created by the calculation in parentheses so that it appears as a whole number.

Multiplying that result by 100 gives 285.

Note: This is due to the fact that theintfunction does not erase the decimals; it just does not show them.

Dividing 285 by 100 gives 2.85. You have now rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Rounding to other decimal places

If you prefer to round to a decimal other than to the hundredth, you can easily modify the code. Below are examples of code that will round (20/7) to different decimals:


Number of Decimal Places

Example Results

value= Math.round(20/7);



value= int((20/7)*10)/10;



value= int((20/7)*100)/100;



value= int((20/7)*1000)/1000;



value= int((20/7)*10000)/10000;


2.85 71

Additional information
For more details on how to round to the nearest integer, please see the online ActionScript entry for Math.round.


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