When you open an Adobe FrameMaker document, FrameMaker returns a message that one or more fonts used in the document are unavailable.


The font in question is not on the current system.


Do one of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Identify the missing font.

Identify the missing font by creating a List of References.

1. Open your FrameMaker file.

2. Choose Special > List of > References.

3. In the dialogue box that says "You can create a standalone list of references" click "Yes".

4. In the Set up List of References dialogue box select Fonts from the list in the right pane and move it to the left window.

5. Make sure "Create Hypertext links" is selected.

6. Click "Set".

A new document listing all the fonts in your file will be created. The reference file will show which pages the font is on. Use the hypertext links in the reference file to move directly to the location of a font (hold Ctrl+Alt while clicking on the text in the reference file).

Solution 2: Deselect Remember Missing Font Names.

1. Do either of the following:

-- On Windows, close the document.

-- On UNIX, keep the document open (or open any other document).

2. Choose File > Preferences.

3. Deselect Remember Missing Font Names and click Set.

4. Restart FrameMaker.

5. Open and resave the file.

Note: After you make this change, the fonts on any file you open will be permanently mapped to available fonts when you save that file.

Background information

When you open a FrameMaker document that uses fonts not available on the system, FrameMaker substitutes them with fonts that are available. If the Remember Missing Font Names option is selected in the Preferences dialog box, FrameMaker returns a message stating what fonts are unavailable, but it preserves the names of those fonts so that it can display them when the document is opened on a system in which they are available. If the Remember Missing Font Names option is not selected, FrameMaker permanently maps the unavailable fonts to available fonts. This procedure works on all supported platforms.

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