Disable auto update setting | Shockwave

When the Adobe Shockwave player is installed, there is an option to auto update. If this option is enabled, the Shockwave player will periodically ping an Adobe server. If there is new Shockwave content, a prompt will appear asking permission to update the Shockwave player. This setting can be changed after the Shockwave player is installed by going to the context menu of a Shockwave movie. When this setting is disabled, the Shockwave Player will not ping the Adobe server, and no updates will occur.

To disable the auto update settings for Shockwave, follow the steps below:


Navigate to the Shockwave Welcome page:http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/

Note: The context menu can be accessed from any Shockwave movie if the context menu has been enabled by the author, but this URL was provided to simplify the process.


Windows: Right click the Shockwave movie.

Control+click on the Shockwave movie.


From the drop down menu choose "Properties".


Uncheck the box next to "Automatic Update Service" to disable the auto update feature.

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