Introduction to the Demo Application

The demo application demonstrates how LiveCycle ES4 can be used to build an end-to-end workflow that:

  • enables citizens to avail of crticial services
  • facilitates case workers and field workers to review, assess, and deliver citizen services

Let us first understand the scenario of the Demo Application.

Scenario description of the Demo Application

The Department of Human Services administers a long-term care services program for people who are elderly or disabled. They can apply for services under this program to get medical support at their home or a medical institution. The scenario involves the following personas.



Rye Woodard

Rye Woodard, aged 35, has returned from military services and is suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). He lives with his wife and children, but requires constant assistance to perform his daily activities. He wants to get medical services at home and maintain a comfortable lifestyle at home, instead of getting admitted to a medical institution.

Heather Jones

Forms administrator who updates and activates forms that are available for use on the Department of Human Services portal.

Frank Bowman

Intake or Eligibility Specialist with Department of Human Services.

Conrad Simms

Field Worker with Department of Human Services who visits Rye, makes an assessment of the living conditions, personal well-being, health, nutrition, evidence of abuse or neglect, and numerous other risk factors. He then submits his assessment.

Gloria Rios

Case Manager with Department of Human Services who reviews the entire case, starting from the initial application from Rye and the assessment made by Conrad. Based on the circumstances of the case, she approves the application and sends a Notice of Action to the citizen.

In this scenario, Rye files an application to enroll in the long-term care services program with the Department of Human Services. The application goes through multiple reviews and investigation cycles before it is approved. Conrad is a Field Worker who visits the citizen and evaluates the case. Traditionally, Field Workers are required to do significant paperwork. The Demo Application demonstrates how the next-generation Mobile Workspace app efficiently replaces long and error-prone paperwork.

The following image illustrates the flow of information in the Demo Application. For details, see Medicaid Waiver Sample Solution Walkthrough.

View complete documentation of Demo application.

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