Introduction to Mobile Workspace

Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 4 allows you to extend the business processes of your organization to your field workforce.

Many organizations have case workers/agents in the field who need to visit citizens/customers to perform assessments and collect information. These visits can be, for example, to fill a survey, take notes, or take pictures.

The Adobe® LiveCycle® ES4 Mobile Workspace app directly addresses these use cases and significantly extends the value of Adobe LiveCycle ES4 to customers.

Key capabilities

  • Starting a process using LiveCycle Startpoints
  • Task synchronization and working with tasks in offline mode
  • Annotating tasks
  • Development and customization
  • Encryption and data protection

Working offline

As a field worker you can go to the office, synchronize the tasks on your iPad and then take the device offline. When you go offline, along with your tasks, you can take the related forms, attachments, and notes offline. You can be in a remote location without WiFi or cellular connectivity and still be able to complete your assessment – fill forms, take pictures, scribble notes.

For details, see Working offline.

Annotating tasks

While out on the field, you might need to take a photograph or scribble a note to add to your task.

Photograph annotation

The Mobile Workspace app includes an annotation feature that uses the camera functionality of your mobile device. Using the photograph annotation, you can take a photograph and immediately include the photograph with the associated task.

Scribble annotation

You can also use the Mobile Workspace Scribble feature to quickly scribble a note and add it to your task.

For more details on adding annotations to your task, see Adding Annotations.

Developing and customizing your app

The Mobile Workspace app is based on PhoneGap 2.1. The source code is provided along with the LiveCycle ES4. You can use the Phonegap SDK to customize the Mobile Workspace app source code and build your own mobile workforce solutions. You can also sign the app with your own enterprise key. 

In addition, you can customize your app for:

  • Branding: Change the icon, app name, launch images, and pages in Workspace. You can also change text to localize app for a specific region.
  • Theme: Change styles such as colors, fonts, and spacing in the Workspace user interface.
  • Gesture: Change gestures such as swipe right, swipe left in the Workspace user interface.

View complete documentation of Mobile Workspace.

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