Posted on Mar 10, 2015


This QF may not be the latest Core QF for LiveCycle ES4 SP1 (11.0.1). For a complete and latest list of LiveCycle ES4 SP1 (11.0.1) QFs, see LiveCycle ES4 SP1 Quick Fixes.

Contact Support for more information or to obtain the QF.

Issues fixed in the QF

  • The Submit button in the form guide does not work. (Ref #LC-3910338, LC-3911050)

Prerequisites to installing the QF

Installing and configuring the QF

  1. Take a backup of the <LiveCycle_root>/deploy folder. It is required if you decide to uninstall the quick fix.
  2. Stop your application server.
  3. Extract the QF archive file to your hard drive.
  4. In the directory named according to the operating system that you are using:
    • Windows
      Navigate to the appropriate directory on the installation media or folder on your hard disk where you copied the installer, and double-click the install.exe file.
      • (Windows 32-bit) CDROM_Installers\Windows\Disk1\InstData\VM
      • (Windows 64-bit) CDROM_Installers\Windows_64Bit\Disk1\InstData\VM
    • Linux, Solaris, AIX
      Navigate to the appropriate directory, and from a command prompt, type ./install.bin.
      • (Linux) CDROM_Installers/Disk1/InstData/NoVM
      • (Solaris) CDROM_Installers/Disk1/InstData/NoVM
      • (AIX) CDROM_Installers/Disk1/InstData/VM

    This launches an install wizard that guides you through the installation.

  5. On the Introduction panel, click Next.
  6. On the Choose Install Folder screen, verify that the default location displayed is correct for your existing installation, or click Browse to select the alternate folder where LiveCycle ES4 SP1 is currently installed, and click Next.
  7. Read the Quick Fix Patch Summary information and click Next.
  8. Read the Pre-Installation Summary information and click Install.
  9. When the installation is complete, click Next to apply the quick fix updates to your installed files.
  10. The Start Configuration Manager checkbox is selected by default. Click Done to run the Configuration Manager.

    To run Configuration Manager later, deselect the Start Configuration Manager option before you click Done. You can start Configuration Manager later using the appropriate script in the [LiveCycle root]/configurationManager/bin directory.

  11. Depending on your application server, choose one of the following documents and follow the instructions in the Configuring and Deploying LiveCycle section.
  12. Restart the server machine.


For any special considerations after inslling the QF, see the Additional steps to use Guides after installing the QF section.

Additional steps to resolve the issue

Install LiveCycle Workbench QF# 11.0.1-WKB-1081-002.

Additional steps to use Guides after installing the QF

The submission process for the guides has changed. The new process is: 

  • Now, Guides send the Data XML as a URL encoded parameter in a POST request. The dataxml parameter contains the XML.
    Evaluate the noHeaders parameter to verify whether the data XML is present as stream or URL parameter. If the value is true, the data is passed as a request parameters or if the value is false, the data is passed as a stream.
  • Now, while previewing the Guide and submitting the page, the content type is displayed as application/x-www-url-encoded instead of text or XML.
    If your servlet code reads request.inputStream and passes it to XMLParser, similar fiunctionality is not supported on the newer versions of Adobe Flash Player. Instead, read the XML data from the dataxml URL parameter and pass it to the parser.  To address the issue, modify the code to be:  
If(“true”.equals(request.getParameter(“noHeaders”)) {
   dataXML = request.getParameter(“dataxml”)
} else {
          // the way they were reading the DATA XML before

On submission of Guides, the following new parameters are also sent:  

Parameters Value
noHeaders true
guideSubmit true
dataxml <xml content>
contentType application\xml

Impacted LiveCycle modules

  • LiveCycle Workbench

Uninstalling the QF

  1. Open the [LiveCycle root]\patch\<QF_Patch_ID>\FilesAddedDuringServicePack_RemoveOrReplaceToRevert.txt file.
  2. Delete the files listed in the FilesAddedDuringServicePack_RemoveOrReplaceToRevert.txt file from your LiveCycle ES4 installation.
  3. Replace the files and folders in the following directories under [LiveCycle root] with the files from the backup copy at [LiveCycle root]\patch\<QF_Patch_ID>\backup_<QF_Patch_ID>\:
    • configurationManager
    • deploy
    • lib
    • pdfg_srt
    • plugins
  4. After restoring the [LiveCycle root]\configurationManager directory, delete the EAR files in the [LiveCycle root]\configurationManager\export directory.
  5. (JBoss only) Perform the following steps:
    1. Stop the JBoss Application server.
    2. Clear the Work and Temp directories.
    3. Restart the JBoss Application server.
  6. Run LiveCycle Configuration Manager (LCM) to reconfigure and redeploy your LiveCycle system.
  7. (Optional) Delete the [LiveCycle root]\patch\<QF_Patch_ID> directory.

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