LiveCycle ES4 SP1 | HTML Workspace | Quick Fix 1.1.34

Posted on Aug 19, 2015


This QF may not be the latest HTML Workspace QF for LiveCycle ES4 SP1 (11.0.1). For a complete and latest list of LiveCycle ES4 SP1 (11.0.1) QFs, see LiveCycle ES4 SP1 Quick Fixes.

Contact Support for more information or to obtain the QF.

Issues fixed in the QF

  • An error occurs when opening a flattened PDF document in HTML workspace. (Ref# CQ-49429)

Prerequisites to installing the QF

  • Adobe LiveCycle ES4 SP1 (11.0.1)
  • Create a backup of your HTML workspace customizations, if any.

Installing and configuring the QF

  1. Go to Package Manager at http://[server_name]:[port]/lc/crx/packmgr, where server_name and port refer to the server name and port for the LiveCycle ES4 SP1 installation.
  2. Log in with administrator credentials. The default username/password is admin/admin.
  3. Select the adobe-lc-workspace-pkg-<version>.zip package and click Download to save the package at a backup location.
  4. Click Upload package. In the Upload Package dialog, browse to select the package, enable Force Upload, and click OK.
  5. Select the workspace package and click Update.
  6. Restart the server.

Impacted LiveCycle modules

  • HTML Workspace
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