July 2018 (7.1.1), April 2018 (7.1), January 2018 (7.0.1), October 2017 (7.0), May 2017 (2017.1), and November 2016 (2017) releases of Adobe Prelude CC.

Read on for a quick introduction to the list of new features, enhancements, and links to resources offering more information.

New features in the July 2018 release (version 7.1.1)

This release of Adobe Prelude offers general stability of the product and bug fixes. 

The earlier versions of Adobe Prelude have introduced several bug fixes. For more information, see Adobe Prelude fixed issues.

New features in the April 2018 release (version 7.1)

This release of Adobe Prelude offers general stability of the product and bug fixes. 

New features in the January 2018 release (version 7.0.1)

This update of Adobe Prelude has fixed the issue in marker display in the Marker panel. In the earlier versions, you could be unable to view markers in the Marker panel in the List/Logging workspace when you switch from Rough Cut workspace. This update works fine if you open a single media (not a rough cut) in the Rough Cut workspace. If you open a rough cut media and switch from Rough Cut workspace to List/Logging workspace, refresh the Marker panel.

The earlier versions of Adobe Prelude have introduced several bug fixes. For more information, see Adobe Prelude fixed issues.

Visual keyboard shortcut editor

New in the October 2017 release

The visual keyboard shortcut is here to enhance your editing experience. Use the Visual Keyboard Shortcut Editor to see which keys have been assigned shortcuts and which are available for assignment.

For more information, see Keyboard shortcuts.

Visual keyboard shortcut
Visual keyboard shortcut

Audio channel mapping enhancements

New in the October 2017 release

The Export Media pop-up now has a Separate Mono Tracks checkbox. You can enable this check box to export the audio in the media as a one-to-one mapping. When the checkbox is left unchecked, the audio output will be Stereo.

Adobe Prelude CC 2017.1.1 Release | May 2017

This release of Adobe Prelude offers minor enhancements and bug fixes. The update has fixed issues including loss of data while using auto delete preference and loss of tag colors when adding tags using unassociated metadata panel. Errors related to comment markers not displaying description by default are also fixed.

The May 2017, April 2016, January 2016 and November 2016 release of Adobe Prelude introduced several fixes. For more information, see Fixed issues in Adobe Prelude.

Collaborating using Team Projects

New in the November 2016 release

This release introduces Team Projects, a hosted service that lets editors and motion graphics artists work collaboratively in projects within Prelude CC, Premiere Pro CC, and After Effects CC. This service adds deep collaboration features such as version history and smart conflict resolution. Post-production professionals can share their edits and get the latest changes from collaborators, allowing concurrent changes to happen on a single project – which is powerful for workflows where you can ingest clips in Prelude at the same time when visual effects and motion graphics are being done in After Effects and the edit is being refined in Premiere Pro.

Collaborating using Team Projects
Collaborating using Team Projects

AVC LongG performance improvement

New in the June 2016 release

This release of Adobe Prelude delivers optimized performance of AVC LongG format in the following workflows:

  • Media ingestion
  • Smoother playback
  • Improved logging workflow

Note: This enhancement is also extended to other miscellaneous workflows.

Event panel filtering options

New in the June 2016 release

This release of Prelude introduces options to filter the various categories of Events such as information, warnings, and errors through an Event dialog box.

For more information, see Prelude workspace.

Capability to use audio channel mapping

New in the March 2016 release

Prelude now supports the ability to use multi-channel audio mapping.  

For more information, see Using Audio Channel Mapping in Prelude

Exporting markers to text file

New in the November 2015  release

You can now export markers of a selected clip in text files (.txt) in addition to CSV files (.csv) and well-formatted HTML pages (.html) through the Export Markers dialog box (File > Export > Markers).

For more information, see Exporting markers.

Support for HEVC format

New in the November 2015 release

Prelude now supports the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) file format. 

For more information on file formats supported in Prelude, see Supported file formats for ingest.

Voice-over in rough cuts

New in the June 2015 release

Adobe Prelude CC now lets you add voice-over to Rough Cuts. Although Prelude lets you add Audio clips separately, you can use the voice-over feature to record audio clips on the fly, without the need for a separate recording software.

You can record and overlay voiceovers video footages during the basic editing process, before the final sequence is complete. Adobe Prelude lets you add multiple voiceovers to a Rough Cut, as well.

For more information, see Add Voice-over to Rough Cuts.

New API to ingest media

New in the June 2015 release

You can now use the new API to ingest media in to a Project directly. Previously, on using the Ingest API, the Ingest dialog was displayed as an extra step before you could select and eventually ingest media (video and audio clips).

Now, you can simply use the new Ingest Media API to select media files you want to ingest, and the selected files are added to the Project at the click of a button. The new API, not only ingests the media, but all related data files (.xmp) that contain markers and other meta-data.

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