When you edit a title in Adobe Premiere Elements, you can not apply a text animation preset to a text object that contains more than one line of text. 

The following behaviors occur:

  • When you select an animation preset in the Text Animation panel, the Apply button is not available.
  • When you drag an animation preset over a text object, the mouse cursor changes to a hand with an "unavailable" icon (a circle with a slash) beneath it. Nothing happens when you drop the animation preset onto the text object.
  • If you apply an animation preset to a single line of text and then added a second line, only the first line of text will be animated. 

Text animation presets can be applied only to text objects that contain a single line of text.

Apply animation presets to text objects that contain only a single line of text.

To create a title with more than one line of animated text:

  1. Create a new still title or double-click an existing title.
  2. Select the Horizontal Type Tool or the Vertical Type Tool. Click in the Monitor panel to create a new text object.
  3. Type the text. At the end of the line, do not press Enter to create a second line of text. Instead, repeat Step 2 to create a new text object for each additional line of text.
  4. Select the Selection Tool, then hold down the Shift key and click on the text objects.
  5. Select an animation preset in the Text Animation panel, then click the Apply button or drag the preset onto the text objects.
  6. To align or distribute the text objects evenly, choose Title > Align Objects or Title > Distribute Objects. For more information about aligning and distributing text objects, see Align And Distribute Objects in Premiere Elements Help.

  7. Click the Done button in the Edit panel.

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