Burn to DVD or Blu-ray or AVCHD ISO image

Burn to DVD or Blu-ray or AVCHD ISO image

If your DVD burner isn’t compatible with Premiere Elements, you can burn the project to an ISO instead. This creates a DVD/Blu ray/AVCHD-compatible iso file that can be burned to disc using any burn iso to disc software.

  1. If the Disc view is not displayed, click Publish And Share to display the Publish And Share panel, and then click Disc.

  2. Select DVD, Blu ray or AVCHD

  3. From the Burn To menu, select one of the ISO options as your destination for the project. For movie projects bigger than a single-layer 4.7 GB disc for DVD/AVCHD and 25GB for Blu ray, select ISO (8.5 GB for DVD/AVCHD and 50 GB for Blu ray), which can accommodate dual-layer discs.

  4. Type a name for the ISO file.

  5. Click Browse to specify a location for the ISO file.

  6. Click Burn to begin creating the ISO image.

Select the ISO type

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