The Files panel displays a list of open audio and video files for easy access.


Double-click an empty area of the file list to quickly access the Open File dialog box.

Import files into the Files panel

Import files into the Files panel if you want to retain the currently open file in the Editor panel. This technique is particularly helpful when assembling files for a multitrack session.

  1. Do either of the following:
    • In the Files panel, click the Import File button .
    • Choose File > Import > File.
  2. Select an audio or video file. (See Supported import formats.)

Insert from the Files panel into a multitrack session

  1. In the Files panel, select the files you want to insert.


    To select multiple adjacent files, click the first file in the desired range, and then Shift‑click the last. To select nonadjacent files, Ctrl‑click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS).

  2. At the top of the Files panel, click the Insert Into Multitrack button . Then choose either New Multitrack Session (see Create a new multitrack session) or an open session.

The files are inserted on separate tracks at the current time position.

Change displayed metadata in the Files panel

  1. In the upper right of the Files panel, click the menu icon , and choose Metadata Display.
  2. Select the metadata you want to display, and click OK
  3. To move metadata columns left or right, drag column headers such as Name or Duration.


    To change the sort order of files, click column headers.