Matching loudness across multiple audio files


In Audition CC, you can measure loudness in audio clips and apply correction to support various loudness standards and true peak limiting.

Match loudness across multiple audio files

  1. Choose Window > Match Loudness to open the Match Loudness panel.

  2. Drag one or more audio files and drop them in the panel.

  3. Click Scan to analyze the current loudness values for each clip.

  4. Click Match Loudness Settings to expand the loudness parameter group.

  5. From the Match To drop-down list, select a loudness standard for your region.

  6. Adjust the Maximum True Peak Level, loudness and tolerance levels and click Run.


    Maximum True Peak Limiting prevents a signal from crossing a pre-defined limit, which otherwise can potentially damage speakers and other output devices. True Peak Limiting ensures that the signal never exceeds the limit.

List of loudness standards in Audition CC