Import & work with video clips in Adobe Audition

Insert a video file into a multitrack session

In the Multitrack Editor, you can insert video files to precisely synchronize a session with a video preview. When you insert a video file, its video clip appears at the top of the track display, and its audio clip appears on the track below.

You can move a video clip independently from the audio clip containing the original soundtrack. To instead keep such clips synchronized, before moving them, select both: Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command+click (Mac OS).


A session can contain only one video clip at a time.

Related video and audio clips (select both to keep them synchronized)

  1. In the Multitrack Editor, position the current‑time indicator at the desired insertion point.
  2. Choose Multitrack > Insert File, and select a video file in a supported format. (See Video file formats.)
  3. When you finish mixing audio for the video, export a mixdown, and import it into your video application. (See Export multitrack mixdown files.)


To quickly edit audio from a video file, choose File > Open. This technique is great for soundtrack editing that doesn’t require a video preview, or for readapting soundtracks for audio‑only mediums, such as radio or CD.

Snap to frames in a video clip

To synchronize a multitrack session with video, snap audio clips and the current‑time indicator to frames.

  1. Choose View > Time Display, and select the SMPTE time format that corresponds to the frame rate of the clip.
  2. Choose Edit > Snapping > Snap To Frames.

Spot video frame preview while adjusting audio clip

While adding or moving audio clips in a timeline, the Video panel displays the frame underneath the play-head enabling you to perfectly align dialogue, sound effects, and musical crescendos. A blue dotted line on the timeline precisely indicates where the alignment spotting is occurring. To enable this feature, follow this step.

  • Preferences > Video > Spot video frame when adjusting audio clip.
Video preference setting
Video preference setting

Customize the Video panel

In the Video panel, you can preview video clips as a multitrack session plays to synchronize a soundtrack with specific video events. For example, scene changes, title sequences, or special effects.


To hide or show the Video panel, choose Window > Video.

Video panel and related clip in Editor panel

To customize the Video panel, right‑click it, and select either of the following options:

A zoom percentage

Zooms in or out.

Best Fit

Fits previews to the panel.

Timecode overlay

The Timecode Overlay displays the current time display string as an overlay on the video panel and the video fullscreen monitor. To set preferences for this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select Adobe Audition CC > Preferences > Video or right click the Video Panel and select Video Preferences.

    Timecode preferences
    Timecode preferences
  2. Use this window to set your preferences. You can adjust the following:

    Enabled: Enable or disable video timecode overlay.
    Size: Adjust the size of the display of the timecode.
    Background Opacity: Adjust the background opacity of the displayed timecode.
    Position:  Place the timecode as per your preference.
    Time Reference: Choose if you want the time reference to be set to Session or Media.

    Session: This option sets the start time of the multitrack session.
    Media: This option sets the internal time code of the media as preference.

    The timecode overlay shows on the video panel once enabled.

    Timecode overlay
    Timecode overlay

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Adobe Audition is a powerful application for recording and mixing audiopodcasting, and sound effect design.