Upgrade to Captivate 8, Presenter 10 | TCS5 customers

Launching Captivate 8


After you upgrade to Adobe Captivate 8, you can't launch the application.


To launch Captivate 8 after the upgrade, first sign out of your Adobe account and sign in to your account.

  1. Open any of the products in the suite:

    • FrameMaker 12
    • RoboHelp 11
    • Captivate 7
  2. From the Help menu, choose Sign Out and click Sign Out in the dialog box.

  3. Again, from the Help menu, choose Sign In and then click Sign In Now.

  4. Sign in using your Adobe ID and when prompted, enter your TCS5 Serial Number to license the software.

Installing Adobe Presenter 10


Adobe Presenter 10 cannot be installed on a computer on which a previous version of Presenter is already installed.

If you have previously installed Adobe Presenter 9 as part of TCS 5.0, and you try to install Presenter 10, you are prompted for a conflicting version of Presenter.


To install Adobe Presenter 10 on a computer on which Presenter 9 is already installed, uninstall Presenter 9 first. You can then install Presenter 10.

Uninstalling TCS 5.0 after installing TCS 5.0.1 and Presenter 10


If you uninstall TCS 5.0 after installing TCS 5.0.1 and Adobe Presenter 10, the TCS 5.0 entry in the Windows Add Remove Programs list remains.


To remove the entry, first uninstall Adobe Presenter and then uninstall TCS 5.0.

You can then reinstall Adobe Presenter 10.


If you are upgrading to TCS 5.0.1, you are recommended to:

  1. Install TCS 5.0.1
  2. Uninstall TCS 5.0
  3. Install Adobe Presenter 10
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