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This file includes last-minute notes, changes and known problems in Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

The Getting Started Guide will point you to additional sources of technical information through Adobe Systems Incorporated home page on the World Wide Web.

Changes and Known Issues

Issue Number Title and description
1588507 Acrobat 3D (when launched from Captivate via Menu -> StartMeeting) closes after a while if the user goes idle for a while ( > 5 minutes)
1581902 PDF maker functionality is lost from Suite when Adobe FrameMaker's(Point Product) "PDF Add on" is uninstalled.
  1. Install Adobe FrameMaker 8 (Point Product) along with the Adobe PDF Creation Add-on.
  2. Install Adobe Technical Communication Suite (with other products including Acrobat 8 3D).
  3. Uninstall the "Adobe PDF Creation Add-on"
  4. The PDF maker functionality is lost from the Suite. Point product like Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe FrameMaker will not have PDF maker functionality.
WORKAROUND: After the un-installation of "Adobe PDF Creation Add-on", run the set up of the Adobe Acrobat Elements present at the installation path of Acrobat 3D again to get PDF Maker functionality back.
1576236 Adobe Captivate 3 serial key dialog does not appear when the trial version of Adobe Captivate 3 from other release was used first on Vista
  1. Install Adobe Captivate 3 (Point product) and use the trial version
  2. Uninstall Adobe Captivate 3 as point product
  3. Install Adobe Captivate 3 from the Technical Communication Suite Installer
WORKAROUND: Use Adobe RoboHelp or Adobe FrameMaker to activate the Suite
1591314 Path of Adobe Captivate files (.cp files) gets lost in .swf files if you edit it more than once. First time Edit will work fine.

WORKAROUND: Every time Adobe Captivate Project is opened, you need to actually change something in Project or Always press "SAVE" before exiting. If you do this, Adobe Captivate path is retained in swf files.

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