Defragment the hard disk and check for errors | Mac OS X

Errors can occur when you try to install an application, or open, save, or print a file if the hard disk has damaged sectors or is very fragmented.

Use a disk utility (for example, Apple Disk Utility or Symantec Norton Utilities) to check for and repair damaged sectors on each hard disk.

Disclaimer: Adobe doesn't support third-party disk utilities but provides the following instructions as a courtesy. For support, contact the supplier of the disk utility.

To check for damage by using Apple Disk Utility (included on the system disc):

  1. Start the computer from the system disc.
  2. Choose Installer > Open Disk Utility.
  3. Select the disks to be checked, and then click the First Aid tab.
  4. Click Repair to check and, if necessary, repair selected disks.

After you check the hard disk for damage, use a disk-optimizing utility, (for example, Symantec Norton Utilities) to optimize (defragment) each hard disk. For instructions on using a utility, refer to the utility's documentation. Optimizing the hard disk rearranges files to minimize future fragmenting. It also restores fragmented files into single contiguous blocks, making hard disk space more accessible to the installer and applications.

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