The following error occurs when viewing an ASP page (which uses JavaScript as the default scripting language) in the browser:

"Microsoft JScript compilation error '800a03ff' Expected hexadecimal digit"


JScript, which is Microsoft's version of the JavaScript scripting language, reserves the characters \u as a unicode escape sequence for 4 digit hexadecimal identifiers. If the source code of the web page contains the characters \u within <% %> tags and the default scripting language for the web site is set to JavaScript, the above error will be thrown. Usually, the \u is found in dsn-less connection strings, which specify the physical path to the database on the web server. If, for example, the physical path to the database on the web server is c:\mywebsite\ultradev\mydatabase.mdb, the error will be thrown because the directory "ultradev" begins with a lowercase "u".


Change the name of the directory to something that starts with a character other than a lowercase "u", or change the default scripting language of the ASP site to VBScript. It may also be possible to add an additional back slash in front of the lower case "u" (i.e. \\u) in the path. Keep in mind that changing the default scripting language to VBScript after web pages already contain server behaviors, recordsets or any JavaScript code will not remove existing JavaScript code from the web pages. Mixing VBScript and JavaScript within a web page will cause other errors to occur.

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