Error: Adobe application "has not been signed by a recognized distributor" | Mac OS


When you launch an Adobe application or application installer, the following error appears:

"<Application> has not been signed by a recognized distributor and may damage your computer. You should move it to the trash.".

The only options presented are Cancel and Move To Trash.

Adobe applications sometimes show the following warning:

" has not been signed by a recognized distributor and may damage your computer. You should move it to the trash."


Solution 1: Temporarily bypass Gatekeeper.

  1. Right-click (CTRL-Click) on the Application/Installer.

  2. Choose Open from the context menu.

  3. Click Open in the warning dialog that appears.

Solution 2: Disable Gatekeeper.


Lowering your Gatekeeper settings leaves your system at risk of acquiring possible malware. Restore your settings after installation to reduce the risk to your system.

  1. Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.

  2. Click Security & Privacy.

  3. Under the General tab, where it says Allow Applications Downloaded From, select Anywhere.

  4. Close the System Preferences window.

  5. Try to launch or install the application.

  6. Once the application is installed and working, go back to the System Preferences and turn Gatekeeper back on. If you don't turn Gatekeeper back on, your system is at risk of acquiring possible malware.

Additional information

Gatekeeper is a new security mechanism added to Mac OS X Mountain Lion. It is an attempt to prevent applications from unknown sources being installed without your knowledge. To work, this new software requires that all applications are signed with a Developer ID Apple provides. Adobe has been working with Apple and is signing all future applications, including the CS6 products. However, older products released before this new feature (for example, all CS5 and CS5.5 products) have not been signed. They present the Gatekeeper warning message on systems running Mountain Lion.

If you downloaded the application from the Adobe Store or the Adobe Licensing website, these Apps are proper Adobe binaries, despite the warning.

Future versions of Adobe applications will be signed with Apple's DeveloperID to avoid this message. However, Adobe created some of these applications before Apple introduced the Gatekeeper functionality in 2012.

For more information on Gatekeeper, see

For instructions on how to verify signatures on pre-gatekeeper installers, see this document.

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