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Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 1 Update 2 includes the following:

  • Enables support for the latest version of Adobe Presenter (7.0.7)
    • Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 release adds support for Action Script 3 and provides improved integration with Adobe Captivate. 
    • Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 also resolves an issue where Presentations uploaded in prior releases of Connect or Presenter would sometimes appear as black for participants.
  • Screen sharing performance improvements to reduce latency for participants
  • Bug fixes related to recording synchronization

System Requirements

For detailed System Requirements, please visit the Tech Spec page.

Adobe Connect Add-in

Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 1 Update 2 will require a new Adobe Connect Add-in for meeting hosts and presenters on Windows and Linux.  If you are not managing a locked-down environment, and your users can self-update the Add-in, there is no action required to upgrade your hosted account.

If you are managing a locked-down desktop environment (organizations with private networks or locked-down environments with no external Internet access), you should plan to download the new Add-in and update your client machines in advance of Service Pack 1 Update 2. The new Add-in is backwards compatible, so you can install it in advance to prepare for Service Pack 1 Update 2.  To download the new Add-in:

Click here for Windows
Click here for Linux 
Click here for Mac*

*For Mac OS X Lion users, please visit this tech note

 Download the Adobe Connect 8.1.2 Installer

On-Premise customers click here to download the 8.1.2 installer and follow the installation instructions provided here.

On-Premise Installation Instructions

1. Stop the following services:   

  • Adobe Connect Service
  •  Adobe Connect Telephony Service
  • Flash Media Administration Server 
  • Flash Media Server

2. Take a backup of your existing Adobe Connect installation/folder 

3. Delete the folder "<C8.1.1 install Location>\appserv\win32\builder\producer" 

  • It will be replaced by the patch 

4. Apply the patch to <C8.1.1 install Location> 

5. Start the following services: 

  • Adobe Connect Service 
  • Adobe Connect Telephony Service 
  • Flash Media Administration Server 
  • Flash Media Server 

Rollback Plan

1. Stop the following services:   

  • Adobe Connect Service
  •  Adobe Connect Telephony Service
  • Flash Media Administration Server 
  • Flash Media Server

2. Copy the files/folders from the backup to the C8.1.1 install location 

3. Start the following services:

  • Adobe Connect Service 
  • Adobe Connect Telephony Service 
  • Flash Media Administration Server 
  • Flash Media Server 


Issues Resolved

  Bug # Area Bug Description
  2884617 Recording Edited Recording still plays audio that was cut out
  2876979 Recording Recording playback of Share Pod contents and room audio is very delayed
  2877040 PPT Powerpoint slides containing animations will auto-advance after enabling and disabling sync
  2869050 PPT Intermittant white screens on uploading PowerPoints
  2866155 Recording Camera pod goes grey in a Meeting Recording
  2789360 PPT Presentation audio does not play when shared in a Connect 8 Meeting Room after a 7.5 upgrade
  2909325 PPT The presentation sidebar is shown to some Hosts and not to others, depending on the screen resolution or browser size
  2904738 Screenshare Improvements to Screenshare and Remote Control Latency
  2896874 Screenshare If partial values are set for screensharing via the API then the Adobe Connect Add-in may crash on Screensharing
  2886745 RIM Playbook Adobe Connect 8.1 product doesn't support RIM Playbook (QNX operating system) ... gets stuck at Connecting... 
 2916067 Recording Audio does not playback and seeking won't work in recordings where breakout pods are brought into the main Meeting Room
  2918541 Share Pod The Text tool in the Whiteboard Overlay menu is moving text and not wrapping text
  2918550 Localization Non-English characters in the user/guest name will be corrupted after entering the Meeting Room
  2894999 Addin The Add-in crashes when Windows 7 users attempt to share their screen or application
  2739092 Screenshare Occasional black screen for some users when PPT/PPTX files are shared in the Share Pod
  2841509  Recording VOIP audio in a recording may start later than expected, causing overlapping or duplicate audio
  2868843 PPT Share pod appears as the Adobe Presenter "Loading" screen for some participants (normally the Host)
  2900356 Add-in Linux Add-in build returns a quality violation error on Ubuntu installation with Linitian
  2865884 Add-in Connect Add-in does not launch in Ubuntu if LDAP is configured, or if the home directory path is customized
  2912568 Add-in The tray menu is always displayed in the Share Pod when Pause and Annotate is active during Screen Sharing (Linux Add-in)

Known Issues 

 Bug # Area Bug Description
 2914847 Share Pod Some Meeting Hosts may not see the Presentation Side Bar once enabled, depending on the screen resolution or pod size
 2914835 Share Pod When playing back certain ActionScript 2 (AS2) SWF files inside the Share pod using the playbar, occasionally audio from the SWF continues to play despite the SWF playback being stopped, or vice versa
 2899148 PPT An ActionScript 3 SWF added to the Presentation sidebar appears cropped when shared in a Connect Meeting Room
 2897242 PPT An ActionScript 3 SWF added to the Presentation sidebar appears smaller than expected when shared in a Connect Meeting Room
 2885497 PPT If a Presentation containing quiz slides copied from another Presentation is shared, the entire quiz will not display
 2890789 PPT At low volumes the volume slider bar with Shared Presentations doesn't work
 2886601 PPT PPT Quizzes within the Share Pod are not accessible via the Tab key or other keyboard shortcuts
 2897347 Share Pod On the Mac OS, the Share Pod is sluggish to respond while being resized if a Presentation is actively being shared
 2901443 Add-in On Lion - Flash Player subdialogs do not work.
2886601 PPT Non Legacy: Shared Presentation with quiz in meeting's share pod isn't accessible using the tab key.
 2928197 Recording When seeking a Recording which contains a Presentation with audio, the audio from that Presentation may continue to playback after sharing has stopped
 2926167 Share Pod On the Mac OS, clicking on the Launch Pad while sharing an application will share the Launch Pad instead
2919213 PPT If a presentation with video is muted and then stopped from being shared, then on sharing again from Recently Shared, the video is not muted. If the Host mutes again, then it appears muted to him only.
2926167 Add-in Mac 10.7 :  sharing application and then clicking on launchpad will share the launch pad 



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