Using beta Flash Builder 4 to perform model-driven development with the released version of LiveCycle Data Services 3 is not supported in a production environment.


The modeling components within Flash Builder 4 beta let you perform model-driven development with the released version of LiveCycle Data Service 3. This combination of released and pre-released software is allowed, but full support in a production environment is not provided.

Additional information

The following information is taken directly from the End User License Agreement (EULA) for LiveCycle Data Services 3, and describes the extent of support available for the combination of released LiveCycle Data Services 3 and pre-released Flash Builder 4: 

"Licensee acknowledges that the Software is dependent on, and interacts with, certain pre-release versions of Adobe Flash Builder 4 (the “Pre-Release Software”). The Pre-release Software is a pre-release version, does not represent final product from Adobe, and may contain bugs, errors and other problems that could cause system or other failures and data loss. Adobe may never commercially release the Pre-Release Software.  The Pre-Release Software might place watermarks on output, contain limited functionality, or cease operations after a designated period of time or disable access to any files or outputs created with that Pre-Release Software. LICENSEE ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT ANY WORK PERFORMED OR APPLICATIONS CREATED USING THE SOFTWARE IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE MAY CEASE TO OPERATE OR BECOME DEFECTIVE UPON THE RELEASE OF LATER VERSIONS OF THE PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE. ADOBE DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OR LIABILITY OBLIGATIONS TO LICENSEE OF ANY KIND FOR THE PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE OR FOR ANY WORK PERFORMED WITH THE SOFTWARE THAT INTEROPERATES WITH THE PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE."

Note: Please use caution when deploying a pre-released configuration into a production environment. Adobe cannot guarantee a fix or workaround alternative if you experience any problems using this configuration.  





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