This document outlines which versions of Flex Data Services and LiveCycle Data Services work with which versions of the Flex SDK and Flex Builder/Flash Builder.

Client and Tooling
Data Services Server
Data Services (fds.swc) Flex SDK

Flex Builder/Flash Builder

FDS 2.0 FDS 2.0.1 LCDS 2.5.x LCDS 2.6 LCDS 2.6.1 LCDS 3 LCDS 3.1 LCDS 4.6
FDS 2 Flex 2 N/A* X              
FDS 2.0.1 Flex 2.0.1 N/A*   X            
LCDS 2.5 and 2.5.1 Flex 2.0.1 hotfix 3
Flex 3
N/A*     X X X X X  
LCDS 2.6 Flex 3.0.1 N/A*       X X X X  
LCDS 2.6.1 Flex 3.2 N/A*       X X X X  
LCDS 3 Flex 3.4.1 Flash Builder 4
(Beta 2 only)
          X X  
LCDS 3.1 Flex 3.5a

Flex 4.0
Flash Builder 4 only             X  
LCDS 4.6

Flex 4.1




Flash Builder 4.0.1





Client compilation compatibility

  • Compiling with a version of LiveCycle Data Services SWC files and older Flex SDKs is not supported.

Server backward compatibility

  • LiveCycle Data Services server is backward compatible for two major releases.
  • LiveCycle Data Services server is not forward compatible.

What is backward compatibility?

  • In most cases, a precompiled application of an older version should work without recompilation.
  • In some cases, an older application may require recompilation.
  • An older application should never require modification to code.

* Flex Builder/ Flash Builder compatibility

For releases of LiveCycle Data Services prior to LiveCycle Data Services 3, the supported version of Flex Builder or Flash Builder is the one aligned with the Flex SDKs for that release of LiveCycle Data Services. Other than this dependency on Flex SDK versions, there is no dependency between LiveCycle Data Services and Flex Builder or Flash Builder.

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