Unexpected form fields when you open a PDF exported from InDesign in Acrobat 8


When you open a PDF file that has been exported from Adobe InDesign CS2 or CS3 in Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 or Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, Acrobat unexpectedly detects form fields in the PDF file.

You may receive the following message upon opening the PDF in Acrobat 8: "Please fill out the following form. If you are a form author, choose Distribute Form in the Forms menu to send it to your recipients."


Your document includes one or more hyperlinks with a stroke drawn less that 1/8 inch above the hyperlink, and the Interactive Elements option was enabled in the Export Adobe PDF dialog when you exported the file from InDesign.


Do one of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Move the stroke further away from the hyperlink.

Acrobat 8 detects the stroke as a form field if the stroke is closer than 1/8 inch above the hyperlink area. Move the stroke to a distance greater than 1/8 inch (for example, 9/64 inch) to prevent the unexpected form field detection in the exported PDF file.

Solution 2: Deselect the Interactive Elements option in the Export Adobe PDF dialog.

If your document does not include any interactive elements such as buttons or roll-over actions, deselect the interactive elements option in the Export Adobe PDF dialog when you export the file from Adobe InDesign.

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