Use inserted Macromedia Flash movies in Breeze Presenter

Macromedia Breeze can support the ability to insert both non-interactive and interactive Flash SWF files into a published Breeze Presenter presentation, extending the functionality of Breeze Presenter to create a more robust end user experience.

Due to the interactive nature of Flash movies there are considerations to be aware of when inserting Flash movies into a presentation.

What Flash movies are supported?

Most Flash movies will be accurately converted by Breeze during publication. However, it is recommended that authors preview and test any inserted Flash movies in the published presentation to verify all functionality is retained.

Below is an outline of Flash movies recommended for use within a Breeze Presenter presentation.

Non-Interactive Flash Movies:

  • Movies that commence playback automatically and play once from beginning to end.
  • Movies that commence playback automatically and loop continuously.

Interactive Flash Movies:

  • Movies that support mouse rollover and rollouts, with or without animations.
  • Movies that use mouse click events, such as drag and drop or reset functionality.
  • Movies that pause until a user clicks the Flash movie.
  • Movies that have the ability to rewind or fast forward the Flash animation.

Flash Movies Containing Audio:

Authors may embed Flash movies containing audio, such as background music or user narration. However, it is recommended that audio be removed and added directly to the slide in Breeze Presenter to prevent the audio from playing prematurely and to allow the author to synchronize animations in the slide.

Note: When using audio embedded in a Flash movie the resulting presentation should be thoroughly tested.

There are three recommended settings for every Flash movie embedded in a Breeze Presenter presentation. These settings allow for the best end user experience.

Frame Rate

The Flash movie should be set to a frame rate of 30 frames per second. If a different frame rate is selected the movie may play too fast or slow because the publishing process applies a frame rate of 30 fps to the entire presentation.

File Dimensions

In order to ensure that the inserted Flash movie can be seen, it is recommended that you keep your Flash movies to 720 pixels X 540 pixels or smaller. The maximum size for any inserted Flash movie to prevent scaling is 720 X 540, which is the dimensions of the entire slide.

Flash Movie Size Limit

In order for a Breeze Presenter presentation to playback correctly, a Flash movie's SWF file should not exceed 10 megabytes in size. This is an important thing to consideration when preparing your movie.

Flash movies larger than 10 megabytes can be broken into smaller movies and streamed together using the loadMovie action in Flash.

For information about optimizing Flash movies, please refer to Streaming and file optimization techniques for Flash Player.

Inserting Flash Movies

To insert a Flash movie into your Breeze Presentation follow the directions below:

  1. Select Breeze
  2. Select Insert Flash

Note: If a Flash movie is embedded any other way, the movie will not be published correctly.

Make sure the slides are set to "Advance by user"

To ensure the presentation slide stays on the screen for sufficient time to play back the entire movie, you should set the slide to "Advance by user". This prevents a presentation from going to the next slide before the Flash movie has completed.

To set a slide to "Advance by user" follow the directions below:

  1. Select the Breeze > Slide Properties... menu.
  2. Select the slide that contains the embedded Flash movie.
  3. Select 'Advance by User'.
  4. Click OK to apply.

Limitations and known issues

Not all Flash movies will work correctly in a Breeze presentation. Below is a list of known limitations and issues that could cause a movie to behave incorrectly.

  • Flash movies that use negative or off-screen coordinates.
  • Flash movies containing audio may not play back correctly. As stated previously, fully test presentations that contain Flash audio.
  • When viewing a presentation using Netscape browsers, there is an issue if the user navigates away from a slide containing aninserted movie while the slide is loading. In some circumstances the Flash movie will not be unloaded and will persist on the next slide.
  • Drag and drop movies that use the Flash 'dropTarget' property are not supported.
  • Authors and end users must use the Flash Player version 6 or higher for playback.
  • If the inserted Flash movie contains functionality that was unavailable in pervious versions of Flash, the end user must have a Flash player that supports the functionality.
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