APC Channel: EMEA Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why can't I log in to the Partner Portal?

For access to the Partner Portal you must have an Adobe ID.  If you do not have an Adobe ID, create one at:


If you already have an Adobe ID, ensure that you are trying to log in with the same e-mail address used in the Sales Center. If this does not resolve the issue contact euroresl@adobe.com

2. I have created an Adobe ID. I want to enroll to the Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program, why is it not working?

Make sure to first sign out of your profile. Go to www.adobe.com/partners. Click on the "Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program" link. Select the "Enroll now in the Partner Program". Now login with your Adobe ID, and make sure that "New Account" box is not ticked.

3.  I am trying to enroll into the Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program with my Adobe ID but I’m getting an error message to say that the Adobe ID is already used and I need to use another Adobe ID.

This could be because you have already used Adobe ID to sign up to another Adobe Program. You must create a new Adobe ID with a different email address and enroll into the program with the new Adobe ID.

4. Why do I get a greyed out page during enrollment when I am using IE7/Google Chrome as browser?

Please delete your cache, history and cookies and make sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date. Try again to enroll. Should the problem still exist then please update your browser, or use another browser.

5. Why do I get a blank page during enrolment when I am using IE9 as browser?

Please turn on your compatibility view in IE9. You can do this by opening any web page, and then click on the compatibility icon which is just next to the URL on the right side.  If the site is displayed in compatible view the icon will turn blue, and if the compatible view is not enabled, the icon will remain white.

6.  What are the browser recommendations when registering for the Channel Program on the Partner Portal? 







Windows® Internet Explorer® versions 6, 7, and 8



It is strongly recommended to use Internet Explorer version 8 over versions 6 and 7. Apply all Microsoft® hotfixes. For configuration recommendations, see Configuring Internet Explorer.



Mozilla® Firefox® version 3.6


It is strongly recommended to use Firefox for best performance. For configuration recommendations, see Configuring Firefox.



Google® Chrome™ version 10


Google Chrome applies updates automatically. Every effort is made to test and support the current version of Google Chrome. There are no configuration recommendations for Chrome.



Google Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer 6



Supported plug-in for Internet Explorer 6 only. For configuration recommendations, see Installing Google Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer.



Apple® Safari® version 5.0.x



Supported on Windows XP and Mac OS X version 10.4 and later. There are no configuration recommendations for Safari.



7. I have no access to the Partner Portal as a Primary/Secondary/Other Contact. How do I get access?

Please check your e-mail (spam and junk mail folders) for a contact invitation and accept the invitation to get access to the Partner Portal.

1.     http://adobe.com/de/partners  -  for German version of Partner Portal

2.     http://www.adobe.com/es/partners -  for Spanish version fo Partner Portal

3.     http://www.adobe.com/fr/partners -  for French version of Partner Portal

4.     http://www.adobe.com/it/partners  - for Italian version of Partner Portal

5.     http://www.adobe.com/uk/partners -  for English version of Partner Portal 

If you still need assistance, contact euroresl@adobe.com

8. I am the Primary Contact and do not see the link to Sales Center from the Partner Portal.

You will not be able to see the link to Sales Force in the menu bar if browsing on www.adobe.com (USA) or any other region than your own.

For example if you are registered in the USA Market you will need to log in from www.adobe.com. Next select "Company" at the top of the home page.  When the page loads select "Partner Program".  You are now in the Partner Portal in the correct region.

* You can also select your region at the bottom left side of the page in the Adobe Website. 

9. I am the Secondary Contact and do not have a License for the Sales Center.

The first License is given free of charge during the on boarding process, any other additional License can be purchased via Helpdesk. Please contact euroresl@adobe.com and send a screenshot in order to purchase additional Licenses. 

10. A contact/person is listed on Sales Center but this person is no longer with the company.

Please contact euroresl@adobe.com who can update the company record. The Primary Contact can also deactivate Secondary/Other Contacts by navigating to the "My Company Profile" page, editing the Contact, and deselecting Active.

11. I want to be the Primary Contact but I am listed as the Secondary Contact.

Please contact euroresl@adobe.com who can update the company record by escalating with the EMEA Program Management Team. 

12. I do not have access to the Price Lists in the Partner Portal. 

Please contact euroresl@adobe.com with your request, providing full details of the issue including login ID used and include a screenshot.  The Helpdesk will then contact / escalate to EMEA Management Team to have the account tagged correctly.

13. I received an error message: "Your registration could not be processed, because your e-mail address exists in the system."

Navigate to the Channel Program Registration Page.  For example:

  1. Go to www.adobe.co.uk

  2. Select  "Company"
  3. Select "Partner Programs"
  4. Select "Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program" under the Adobe Partners Program heading
  5. Select "Enrol now in the Partner Program"

You will be in the Adobe.com / Partners Log In or Create a New Adobe section, please see below: 

Input your Adobe ID  and Password, then select "Continue". (Please Note: If you have an Adobe ID in use with the Technology or Training Programs you should leave the New Account? Box unchecked, because it is not a new Adobe ID.  If this does not resolve the issue contact euroresl@adobe.com


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